Image of a Bilotta Kitchen & Home custom kitchen with fabric on the walls over a custom banquette.Bilotta was recently featured in an article in House Digest, where we shared one of our favorite tips for adding luxury to a kitchen remodel: incorporating fabric elements.

Adding fabric, whether it be through window treatments, chair cushions, rugs, or other accents, can instantly elevate the style of a kitchen and give it a more expensive look.

Why? Because it adds texture and warmth to a room that may otherwise feel sterile and cold with all the hard surfaces of cabinets and countertops. Plus, fabric has a stigma attached to it as being more challenging to clean. That stigma makes it seem unattainable to many and adds a sense of refinement to the kitchen.

But with the right fabric choices and placement, it can actually be quite practical.

When choosing fabric for your kitchen remodel, make sure to find materials that are easy to clean and resistant to stains. You can even seek out machine-washable fabrics.

And consider strategically placing them in areas that don’t get overly messy or stained – think about covering your island barstools with coordinating fabrics or hanging a beautiful linen valance above the kitchen window.

By incorporating fabric elements into your kitchen design, you’ll add a touch of luxury and style to the heart of your home and impress visitors with your attention to detail. You’ll also soften the space and make it more inviting for cooking and gathering with family and friends because fabrics can absorb sound, creating a more peaceful, less industrial atmosphere.

Fabric isn’t something to be afraid of – it may just be the touch of luxury your space needs.

Be sure to read the rest of the article for more great tips on how to add luxury to your kitchen, even when you’re on a budget. And as always, our team at Bilotta is here to help bring your dream kitchen to life. Contact us for a consultation today.