Your home is a reflection of your taste, style, and the way you live. Your kitchen should echo this in the most beautiful way possible. It can be at once functional and sophisticated, practical, and luxurious. Custom cabinetry is an art form. It can take on the allure of fine furniture, not just act as a storage unit. It can be the backdrop or the center stage. Bilotta offers original designs with bespoke detailing and storage solutions to make it fit your lifestyle both functionally and aesthetically. Careful planning, assessing the needs of the homeowner, and integrating the cabinetry into the existing living space requires a keen eye and experienced hand. Custom cabinetry, hand-made and hand-finished by craftsmen who have honed their skills and take great pride in their work, create designs that stand the test of time.


Made by craftsmen in America with the highest quality materials available, Bilotta Collection Cabinetry is artistically built to the precision and satisfaction of their design team’s demanding specifications. Reflecting meticulous attention to detail and offering unique cutting-edge features that are exclusive to Bilotta, the Collection marries cutting-edge technology and luxury materials with artistic vision to create cabinetry that is both elegant and functional. This collection is hand-made by highly skilled artisans, working in a legacy of excellence and craftsmanship that is unparalleled in the industry.

The Bilotta Collection’s doors are custom-made from one-inch-thick premium lumber. Finishes are carefully hand-applied, sprayed, sanded, and detailed depending on the project. There is also the option for metal frames and doors brilliantly finished in an array of luminous options, polished or matte. Doors and drawers utilize soft-close hardware; framed cabinets feature rare earth flush magnets, while frameless cabinets use self-close, concealed hinges. Beautifully crafted wooden dovetailed drawers are available in hard maple, mahogany, rift-cut white oak, and cherry, while metal drawers come in a variety of finishes.

Bilotta’s state-of-the-art factory is located in rural Pennsylvania, America’s heart of hand-made cabinetry and furniture production. An area once rich in hardwood forests, it has provided quality lumber for generations of cabinetmakers who have honed their craft for over 100 years.

While the factory relies on its longstanding talents, its production employs cutting edge technology, machinery, materials, and finishes. All Bilotta Collection cabinetry is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which confirms its quality and reputation.

Classic White Kitchen with Polished Stainless Island Pin this image on Pinterest
Sleek Bilotta loft kitchen features concealed storage in the breakfast nook seating area and an appliance garage. Pin this image on Pinterest

Other Offerings

View additional cabinetry offerings below.

Beyond the Kitchen

Mid-Century custom wet bar features Bilotta natural walnut cabinetry and backsplash with Lagos Azul honed limestone countertop.

Bilotta is not just kitchens. There is no limit to what you can do to make your home a haven. Bilotta will help you realize your dream a real home office where you can keep organized and work efficiently; a library or reading nook in which to escape and relax; a wine cellar to house and display your collection of fine wines and spirits; or an entertaining space for family and friends that is open and inviting.

More About the Home

Bilotta also specializes in bathrooms, from powder room vanities to full primary suites. With Bilotta, your dream of a bathroom, that becomes a sanctuary for true relaxation to start and end your day, can come to life. And like everything else with Bilotta, it will be custom built for you.

Bathrooms with Bilotta

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