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Designer, Tabitha Tepe, working in AutoCad

Bilotta offers a complete range of design services and custom products in a wide variety of styles and budgets. They’re known for their kitchen designs, but their designers can custom design cabinetry for bathrooms, libraries, and more, adding beauty and value to every space in your home. You will work one-on-one with a custom kitchen designer to create a plan for your particular space based on your exact needs - do you cook, do you have children, how much storage do you require? Your Bilotta designer will handcraft a superior product to fulfill your vision. Their work is backed by the full dedication of the entire Bilotta staff, from engineering to installation, ensuring your overall satisfaction with your Bilotta experience.

Bilotta makes every project a turnkey operation, with the company owners personally involved in maintaining the company’s high standards and impressive record of customer satisfaction.

Your Bilotta designer will handle as little or as much as you desire – no detail is overlooked. They will help you select the best in cabinetry, appliances, countertops, backsplash, hardware, lighting and more, doing as little or as much as you desire to bring your project to life. From design inception to site evaluation, from specification to production to completion, their skills are exemplified through every step of the process and seen in every aspect of the finished product. Their installations are backed by a five year limited warranty – see the individual cabinetry lines for product warranties.

Aside from working with a homeowner, Bilotta is also uniquely qualified to work with architects, interior designers and builders by creating a truly collaborative effort, each bringing their specific area of expertise to the table. The company prides itself on its long list of professional clientele. Not only is their multitude of products able to suit every project’s parameters, each of their showrooms, with their own unique displays, are offered to architects and designers, builders and realtors, to use as “idea centers” to brainstorm with a potential client. As far as doing a project together, the Bilotta designers understand and respect the roles that each person plays in the project and that it is imperative not to confuse the client or step on each other’s toes. Bilotta can simply “run the show” (meet with the client, help them make selections, so that the architect or designer can concentrate on the big picture) or aid in its production (work completely behind the scenes, concentrating on the technical aspects of the cabinetry). Ultimately, Bilotta believes that a collaborative effort can only result in a more professional, beautiful project.

Taken individually, any of the above would set Bilotta apart. In combination, they reveal the company to be truly unique in their field and the obvious choice for your next project. Click here to contact Bilotta.

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Get acquainted with a bathroom, custom room or custom kitchen designer at Bilotta. These experts build living spaces around your lifestyle and your budget.