Dramatic bathroom features sleek black handle-less caninetry, marbled walls and modern bathroom appliances. Pin this image on Pinterest
Bathroom features Bilotta black handle-less caninetry, marbled shower and modern bathroom appliances and fixtures. Pin this image on Pinterest
Bilotta custom bathroom features expansive white and gray marble shower with modern fixtures. Pin this image on Pinterest
Image of modern custom shower with white and gray marble and upscale chrome fixtures. Pin this image on Pinterest
Modern custom bathroom features black Bilotta cabinetry with no handles, mirrored backdrop and modern accents. Pin this image on Pinterest

About the Project

Here’s proof that a calm, relaxing primary bath can still be dramatic. While the vanity with drawers and tall storage are painted a moody off-black, the remainder of the materials amplify light and spaciousness.  The cabinetry’s slab doors are further simplified by the sleek integrated channel pulls, thus eliminating visual distraction from hardware.  A clear advantage of custom cabinetry is the ability to notch a cabinet around a ceiling beam, as seen on the far right. Additional cabinet storage is squeezed into a narrow space adjacent to the shower.

Despite its expansive feel, the footprint of the bath is relatively modest. To ensure there’d be enough room for two people, a space-saving trough sink (with two faucets) was chosen. The exuberant veining of the quartz countertop, backsplash and bookmatched shower walls are tempered by solid white tiles on the floor and shower pan. Contemporary touches are found in the streamlined wall-hung toilet (so easy to clean.) with accompanying wall-mounted flush plate, as well as the flush linear shower drain.  But we still love the old standby of a tri-view medicine cabinet: two storage compartments and the simplest way to style the back of your hair.