View of Bar with black base and talls cabinets and glass front upper cabinets Pin this image on Pinterest
Detail of open cabinet showing off the rift cut white oak interior Pin this image on Pinterest
View of bar with base and talls black cabinets, and brass colored glass front upper cabinets with a view leading into the kitchen Pin this image on Pinterest

About the Project

“Cheers!” to a bar built for elegant entertaining. Located at the end of the family room, the style borrows elements from the adjacent kitchen: doors and drawers with a narrow solid trim around the perimeters; black paint; and brass accents.  But here the black and brass are amped up to create a dramatic, moody vibe. All the solid doors are black, and the countertop and backsplash are a white-veined black quartz called “African Street Laurent”.  Instead of mere touches of brass like the kitchen, here the glass-front wall cabinets have wide brushed brass frames.  All cabinets have handsome rift-cut white oak interiors, which help break up the wide expanse of black. Glass cabinets include LED strips on the sides as well as upper puck lights to highlight barware and serving pieces. More brass is found on the cabinets’ handles, which pop against their black backgrounds. Even the matte black faucet gets an accent of brass.

The inclusion of two tall pantry cabinets with rollouts serves double duty: the one closest to the kitchen provides additional pantry storage; the tall cabinet on the left contains liquor bottles and wine. Ample base cabinetry holds bar accessories, hors d’oeuvres plates and cocktail napkins.

Photography by Stefan Radtke.