Custom bathroom features Bilotta horizontal-grained cabinetry and modern accessories and fixtures. Pin this image on Pinterest

About the Project

Can a hall bath shared by kids still be stylish? Absolutely. A variety of materials adds textural interest, while the neutral, earthy color palette visually expands the space. Everything here is low maintenance. The sleek vanity with touch-latch drawers (no hardware.) is a practical laminate resembling rift-cut white oak. Because site conditions didn’t allow for the medicine cabinet to be recessed into the wall, a matching enclosure was designed to minimize its bulk, as well as provide open storage for small necessities. Large format 12 x 24 limestone-like porcelain tiles cover the floor, and a coordinating color echoing the vanity continues up onto the tub front. Notice the attention to detail, where grout lines on the floor and tub are perfectly aligned. Using a wall-hung toilet (with a wall-mounted flush plate) draws the eye all the way to the back wall for greater spaciousness. Another tile in a mottled pattern, which incorporates all the bath’s colors, lines the tub surround. The soaking tub is just the right depth for both leisurely bathing and showering. A single pane of glass protects against splashing while eliminating the intrusion of a swinging shower door.