Contemporary kitchen offers a contrast in light and dark. Fully custom flat panel, frameless Artcraft Cabinetry in mix of pure white gloss and Yosemite Scuro laminate. Pin this image on Pinterest
High-contrast kitchen mixes Horizontal Yosemite Scuro Artcraft cabinets with white high-gloss MDF island. Pin this image on Pinterest
Pure white goss Artcraft Cabinetry island with light quartz countertop contrasts with the fully custom flat panel cabinets in Yosemite Scuro laminate also by Artcraft. The space has stainless accents throughout and a peninsula with seating. Pin this image on Pinterest
Modern kitchen contrasts white high-gloss MDF island and walls with Horizontal Yosemite Scuro Artcraft cabinets. Pin this image on Pinterest

About the Project

New York City apartments pose unique challenges: ductwork, structural beams, columns, and chases that cannot be moved. Here these were rendered virtually invisible by means of clever disguises. Two laminates were chosen: high gloss white, and a highly-figured horizontal wood look. The white lift-up wall units and middle island help brighten the space, while the dark linear grain on bases, tall units, and outer island directs the eye around the room. Obstructions were wrapped in these materials and extend to the ceiling. Vent covers were cut into the panels, concealing their presence. Balance is achieved by placing the two dark tall sections opposite one another: refrigerator and pantry on one side; ovens, pantry, and structural column on the other. Everything sits atop light wood flooring that allows the cabinetry to pop.

Combining several small rooms enabled the inclusion of a 48” range, 36” paneled refrigerator, and a built-in microwave and warming drawer. The double island layout provides seating for four outside the main prep zone, while a middle island holds refrigerator drawers, extra storage, and an uninterrupted worktop.

Slab porcelain backsplashes reflect light, while quartz countertops offer a subtle marble pattern. A surprise element is the ultra-modern off-center vent hood.

This project was designed in collaboration with Carolyn Miller and Oliver Cope Architect.