Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends For Fall

Along with crisp autumn air and colorful foliage, fall often triggers our nesting instincts as we prepare to welcome guests during the upcoming holidays. Take a look at our picks for the top kitchen design trends for fall and start getting inspired!

1. Accessorize!

“If your home isn’t organized, it’s hard to be inspired to create a beautiful space,” says Daniel Popescu, Designer at Bilotta Kitchens of NY. “Creating functional and clean storage solutions is definitely a trend this season.”

Daniel recommends storage features like pantry and spice pull-outs, roll-out drawers, space-saving Le Mans corner swing-outs, drawers with peg boards or plate racks to store dishes, and deep drawers for pots and pans. Who wants to get down on the floor to remove everything in the front of the cabinet in order to see what’s in the back? And when the drawers or roll-outs are lined with LED lights, everything is visible at a glance. Another storage trend is deeper wall cabinets (14 or 15” deep!) to make it easier to store larger plates.

Unlimited accessories, from sources like Hafele, are available to help people maximize their storage. For example, there are cutlery inserts, adjustable dividers, and backsplash hanging rails. There are also caddies that lift up from the countertop to reveal spices or a knife block, creating a clean and functional space.

“Especially in a Manhattan kitchen, using every inch of space as part of a design is extremely important,” says Daniel. “It takes a thoughtful and careful planning to make organization the foundation for any good design.”

Kitchen accessories organized on a walnut backsplash above a white quartz countertop.
Photography by Megan Swann for Jenna Bascom Photography

2. Smart AND Good-Looking

“People want a kitchen design that is not only beautiful and sleek, but practical in design and something that works for them, instead of the other way around,” says Jeff Eakley, Senior Designer for Bilotta Kitchens.

The kitchens that Jeff is designing this fall have features like built-in LED lights, not only on the underside of the cabinets, but also inside wall cabinets, drawers, and pantries. Features like motorized cabinets with lift-up doors or pull-out bases, pull-down units in wall cabinets, dishwashers that open by themselves with a tap of the knuckles, trash pull-out cabinets that open with the slightest touch, and energy efficient appliances and accessories help create a kitchen that is both gorgeous and hard-working.

Motorized white high-gloss cabinets has lift-up doors above sink to reveal dishes.

“One of the best things about these new smart technologies is that they are available in every design style,” says Jeff. “They are not just for people who like the contemporary style.”

3. Texture and Metals

“Grey is still the new white this fall. It’s clean and warm and trendy, and it’s a stray from classic white which can get boring,” said Randy O’Kane, Senior Designer with Bilotta Kitchens. “But white is also still popular and can be a great addition in a kitchen, with a variety of shades of white available.”

This season, texture also plays a big role. “We’re seeing texture in countertops with veining and leather or honed finishes, as well in the kitchen backsplashes,” said Randy. “There’s also in an increased use of fabric, even sandwiched between two layers of glass for glass-front cabinets.”

Multi-textured kitchen features marble waterfall countertop, cobalt blue island and a mix of walnut and white painted cabinets.

To create a kitchen that is warm and inviting, consider incorporating tones of white or grey but with some added texture, like a white paint but with a heavy brush stroke. Also, metallic accents for the cabinets, like burnished nickel or brushed brass for lights and hardware, can really put the finishing touch on a good kitchen design. As for a pop of color, white is always the backdrop but blue is the new pop color trend.

4. Brass with Class

Everything old is new again, and after years of brushed and polished nickel, brass is back! “Brass hardware is the new trend these days,” said Danielle Florie, Senior Designer at Bilotta Kitchens of Mount Kisco. “We are seeing that our clients love to mix warm brass tones with cool paint colors, like grey.” But today’s incarnation isn’t a fancy handle with a brash polished surface; it’s more likely to be a sleek contemporary shape with a softer brass or gold finish.

Danielle also recommends mixing brass with stainless steel appliances to warm up a space with cooler tones. As for the current style, she says handles are more popular than knobs, and long handles are most popular.

Walnut flat-front cabinets are accented with gold-flecked quartz counters and warm brass accents in the hardware and pendant lighting.

“People feel brass is glamorous and elegant and use it to dress up the kitchen,” said Danielle. “For example, brass can really dress up a simple, plain shaker style door. One customer said brass accents give the design a “Hollywood Regency Feel”. Brass is also used with wood tones like walnut to give a mid-century modern feel that a lot of millennials like right now.

5. Island Life

“Islands are really the heart of heart of the home,” said Fabrice Garson, Designer with Bilotta Kitchens. “A giant island, especially with seating around it, initiates all sorts of activities from eating and drinking before a meal, to food prep, homework, socializing, and more. Everyone gravitates to the center of the kitchen, and often they don’t leave because it makes for a cozy environment.”

Fabrice has created countless large kitchen islands, but his favorite configuration features a sink and a cook-top and an excess of seating. In addition to serving as a gathering area, Fabrice believes that a large center island helps to define each area of the kitchen. He’s personally drawn toward designs that utilize drawers instead of cabinets with doors, and likes to incorporate storage for bulky items such as pots and pans, plates, and linens.

 Traditional kitchen with white painted Bilotta cabinets, coffered ceiling, large island with seating and circular banquette area. Silver accents on pendant lights complement the silver cabinet hardware. Designed by Fabrice Garson of Bilotta Kitchens.

“An island meal is less formal and more popular for everyday meals,” said Fabrice. “A large island increases the square footage of countertop space for cooking, homework, and just being together with friends and family. The cook is able to face guests or family instead of having their back to the rest of the room.”

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