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  • Colour My World

    Eggplant Purple Bilotta Cabinetry

    The Debate of Color vs. Classic White in Kitchens: In 1971 (ok, so I’m dating myself), this iconic song by the band “Chicago” could be heard on airwaves and at weddings across the country. Now, 47 years later, Bilotta designers will be talking instead about coloring your kitchen. Senior designer Randy O’Kane and design assistant Debbie Karipides both believe there…

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  • A Tour of the Tablescapes – Art of the Table Westchester 2018

    Transitional kitchen designed by Lifestyles and Interiors by Lisa and decorated with festive lime and white paper lanterns.

    One of the first things people are anxious to do after completing their dream kitchen is to invite guests over for dinner. But when you entertain, are you a slave to your go-to tablescape with all your treasured linens, place setting, and service pieces? (Guilty as charged!) If so, then this event is going to be a real eye-opener! From…

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  • Statement-Making Surfaces

    Marble brick hearth designed around stainless hood features arch and built-in stainless shelves. Range is flanked by white-painted custom kitchen cabinets.

    There’s a reason why so many customers come into our showroom describing the type of countertops and backsplashes they’ve been dreaming about before they ever mention the cabinets. Though most designers wait to address those surfaces until after the kitchen layout is finalized and cabinetry materials and finishes have been chosen, customers realize that the countertops and backsplashes have a…

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  • Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

    Rutt walnut kitchen cabinet drawer with dovetail joints.

    Our homes are now smart, and we willingly share our lives with Alexa, Siri and Google assistant. In our cars, Bluetooth and back up cameras are commonplace, and we’re now clamoring for blind spot monitoring, collision warning and rear cross- traffic alerts. Yes, we love our bells and whistles! So why wouldn’t you expect to have them in your new…

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  • Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen

    Container of kitchen cleaning products: spray bottles, soap lemon and lavender.

    “I dusted once. It came back. I am not falling for that again….” (as seen on Facebook, author unknown) You know those people who love to clean? Yea, me neither. Now, don’t misunderstand me: you could pop in on me unexpectedly and always find my house neat and tidy. But most of my dusting and vacuuming occurs on an as-needed…

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  • Kitchen Renovation: How to Get Started & Speed up the Process

    Architect and designer review kitchen plans and color chips.

    So what’s the most frequently asked question our designers get asked when customers first visit our showrooms? “How do I get started?” The second most frequently asked question? “How can we speed up the process?” Here are some tips to help you accomplish both! This first suggestion may seem painfully obvious, but you’d be surprised: have some idea of what…

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  • Before & After Kitchen Renovations

    Contemporary all white open kitchen with vaulted ceilings and exposed beams features large center island and blown glass teardrop pendant lighting.

    “Trans-for-ma-tion” Noun:  “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.” Who doesn’t love a good makeover? But these stunning before-and-after kitchens are more than mere cosmetic face-lifts; they are the true embodiment of “transformation”! LESS IS MORE The real genius of this design by Tabitha Tepe is the counter-intuitive move of actually removing space instead of adding it. Sometimes…

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  • Holiday Table Top Ideas

    Wrapped holiday gifts, wine bottles and plates are arranged on a black quartz topped kitchen island.

    For the 7th year in a row, Bilotta Kitchens and Traditional Home have hosted “Art of the Table”, a premier design event in which five leading interior designers elegantly outfit kitchens to their own particular design style. The annual event celebrates the fusion of design, art, and lifestyle, and incorporates exquisite tabletop collections within five distinctive kitchens in Bilotta’s A&D Building…

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  • Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends For Fall

    Kitchen accessories organized on a walnut backsplash above a white quartz countertop.

    Along with crisp autumn air and colorful foliage, fall often triggers our nesting instincts as we prepare to welcome guests during the upcoming holidays. Take a look at our picks for the top kitchen design trends for fall and start getting inspired! 1. Accessorize! “If your home isn’t organized, it’s hard to be inspired to create a beautiful space,” says…

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