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Peter Bittner, Designer

Peter Bittner, a designer in Bilotta’s Mamaroneck showroom, originally studied art and classical engineering. He developed a vastly successful career by photographing interiors, furniture and real estate with an expertise in creating professional portfolios for renowned interior designers. His deep interest in interiors lead him to All Stars Woodworking, a custom mill shop where he learned the art of cabinetry design and construction. His engineering background coupled with his discerning eye for impeccably designed interiors, gave Peter the foundation he needed to establish a new career in kitchen design.

In 2005, Peter joined Bilotta quickly building a close following of interior designers and architects who return to him for multiple projects. Peter’s critical photographic eye is evident in both his presentation style and his room design. His clients appreciate his beautiful drawings and his attention to numerous components beyond the cabinets that complete the kitchen. His creative use of tiles, glass, lighting, hardware and stone enhance every beautiful kitchen he creates. With dozens of kitchens to his credit, you will see many of them featured in Bilotta’s brochures and ad campaigns.